Dry & Semi-Dry White Wines


Crisp and fruity, our Chardonnay is stainless steel fermented, then given a brief visit to the barrel for just a touch of oak.

Dry Riesling

With elegant floral aromas and a clean, crisp finish, this dry version of your classic Riesling is very food friendly. Try it with seafood, poultry or even Asian dishes.

Whippoorwill White

Our blend of four French hybrids aged in American oak barrels for three months, to give it a touch of oak with hints of vanilla in the finish. This is the Sauvignon Blanc of the East.

Vidal Blanc

Citrus flavors of lemon and lime. This wine is a great compliment to any finish.


This Gewurztraminer hybrid is a German style wine that has a nice, spicy finish.

“We Are” Cayuga White

Luscious floral and citrus aroma with hints of kiwi and honeydew melon. Great with poultry or ham.

Black Tie

Enjoy our Cayuga White with bubbles. Our sparkling semi-dry champagne is sure to be the life of your party.


The classic Riesling grape consistently makes outstanding wines with elegant floral aromas and peach flavors. Finishes clean and crisp.

Pinot Grigio

This Italian variety offers rich aromas of tropical fruit, banana and citrus followed by delicate floral notes on the palate. This wine is fresh and well balanced.


This unique blend of two classic grapes creates a wine that has luscious aromas and flavors that are bright, crisp and richly fruity with a touch of minerality.


Our Sauvignon Blanc is loaded with aromatic compounds called pyrazines. They are the secret to sauvignon blanc's taste. Notes of lime, green apple, passion fruit and grass come through to make this wine a summertime favorite.

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Featured Wine

Willy's White is 100% un-oaked Chardonnay & is our tribute to Will.  Everything that went into making this wine was donated to us and all proceeds will go to the Willis Reed Memorial Fund.  Supplies are limited.