Wine Basics

Storing Wine

If you’re ready to make wine a serious hobby and want to set up your own cellar or purchase a special wine refrigerator, great. But, you don’t have to go to all that effort and expense to maintain the quality of wine you serve at home. As long as you don’t have a large collection that you plan to store for many years, you should be pleased with the results if you simply follow the general rule of choosing a cool, damp, dark place. Your home probably has a suitable area like a basement, closet, or garage. For wines you plan to store more than a few weeks, it’s best to lay the bottles sideways instead of standing them upright. This keeps the cork moist, maintaining an air-tight seal.


Serving Wine

Temperature Rules of Thumb:

  • Chill white wines, fruit wines and sweet wines to about 45° F before uncorking and serving.
  • To bring out the best flavor, serve reds at room temperature or chill slightly below—about 55°–70° F.
  • Port-style and other dessert wines are best served between about 60°– 65° F.

Uncorking and Pouring:

  • If possible, choose a corkpuller that includes a small knife, which makes it easier to cut foil over the cork.
  • Use gentle pressure as you insert and turn the spiraled wire into the cork, then hold the bottle firmly as you pull the cork out.
  • For sparkling wines, pay attention to safety. Lift the cork partially with the corkscrew, just enough so you will be able to grasp the cork with your hand. Then gently remove the corkscrew. Pointing the bottle’s tip away from yourself and others, grasp the cork firmly and turn the bottle, slowly working the cork out.
  • Fill glasses about ⅓ to ½ full. This exposes more air to the wine, improving the flavor. It is customary to stand to the right of a guest as you pour.

Enjoying Wine

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Willy's White is 100% un-oaked Chardonnay & is our tribute to Will.  Everything that went into making this wine was donated to us and all proceeds will go to the Willis Reed Memorial Fund.  Supplies are limited.