Food & Wine Pairing

Many people have learned the old adage that you should serve red wines with red meat and white wines with poultry or fish. In reality, it isn’t that rigid. Today, some experts will even recommend serving “whatever wine you like, with anything.”

We like the liberating idea behind that. But, we also believe in the merits of choosing a wine with a taste and character that balances the flavor of your food. Here are some basic recommendations for pairing our wines. But feel free to experiment to see what you, your family and friends like best!

  • For mildly seasoned fish, seafood, poultry, or even mildly seasoned red meats, our dry white and semi-dry wines are a great choice.
  • Our dry red and fruit wines will complement any red meat dishes well. They’re also a good choice for fish, seafood or fowl, when incorporated into more-flavorful or spicy dishes or served with very flavorful side dishes.
  • Serve sparkling wines with appetizers, cheeses, fresh fruits, or sweets.
  • And we’re sure our final recommendation will come as no surprise: serve our port-style and dessert wines with sweets or fresh fruits!

Enjoying Wine

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Willy's White is 100% un-oaked Chardonnay & is our tribute to Will.  Everything that went into making this wine was donated to us and all proceeds will go to the Willis Reed Memorial Fund.  Supplies are limited.